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Are you still not a plastic-free hotel?

Get rid of containers! The amenity revolution has arrived. Say farewell to single-use plastics, which have formed part of tourist accommodation packs for far too many years. 

The planet needs solutions and the tourism sector is beginning to respond decisively. Did you know that just 9% of the plastic produced in the world has been recycled? The manufacture of plastic releases toxins into the air, which affect our heath. Furthermore, around 80% of marine debris is made up of plastic and microplastics are even entering the food chain! 

We at Preverisk are absolutely certain of our goal; to ensure environmentally friendly, good quality tourism. 

If you are still not a plastic-free hotel, we’ll offer a solution which won’t affect your operation. By way of a personalised action plan, you’ll gradually become a company that shouts out “NO TO PLASTIC¨! 

We’ll begin with the following 4 stages: 

  • Eliminate unnecessary plastic containers. We´ll give you a plan! 
  • Choose reusable alternatives. We’ll provide options! 
  • Get your team fully involved. Lead by example with a move towards a circular economy for plastic! 
  • Tell people about your sustainable goals’ progress and achievements. We’ll help convey it! 

Create your own sustainability project with Preverisk’s help. 

We’ll help to define your sustainable goals, which in turn will help improve your positioning, competitiveness and profitability, as well as aid your transformation. 

Preverisk Group is featured in the Nature Positive Travel & Tourism report prepared by Animondial

We are thrilled to announce that Preverisk Group has been featured as one of the case studies in the groundbreaking report, "Nature Positive Travel & Tourism in Action”.“Nature Positive Travel…

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