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ACADEMY PREVERISK: Staff training must be ongoing in order to prevent risks in tourist establishments

The pandemic has accentuated the importance of preventative measures to reduce its impact and whilst the vaccination pace is progressing positively in many countries, new variants, more specifically the Delta variant, make it a more contagious (although less deadly) virus and reminds us that preventative measures should continue to be part of our everyday lives.

In fact, Covid-19 has not been the only danger in 2021. Hotel incidents occur when you let your guard down: viral outbreaks, chlorine surges (in pools) and gas leaks amongst others. These risk situations could have been avoided if hotel staff had been correctly trained and prepared.

The key to prevention is knowledge. Training must be ongoing, not just to refresh knowledge, but above all to update it. Especially with reference to Covid-19: as the pandemic progresses, scientists are continually updating information regarding the disease and measures to prevent it.

Training your team can also be proactive and productive.  After 17 years of experience in training, certifying and validating the knowledge acquired with third parties (tour operators, bedbanks, governments, etc.) we have been adapting to new teaching techniques. The voice of experience tells us that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to training. Therefore, we adapt the training format and the channel to the capacity and needs of the client. It is not just about obtaining a simple certificate, but about growing professionally year by year. That's why our Preverisk Academy offers courses (in various languages) by way of face-to-face training, on-job training, webinars, as well as our E-learning platform. Same quality content, but adapted to different formats.

Advantages of E-learning training. 

This interactive platform has enabled our clients' key staff to prepare for reopening in 2021 in an alternative way to face-to-face. The advantages of this method of teaching do not stop there: it has greater flexibility and better time management; it saves costs and is beneficial for the environment by not having to move our staff and experts; Also, during the pandemic, it has provided protection for us all, by avoiding crowds. Additionally, the content is designed to really capture the student's attention.

It's the first E-learning platform specialised in Public Health and Tourism. It includes the most requested courses in the tourism sector: Hygiene, Health and Safety, Covid Management, Sustainability and Work Motivation.

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