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3 interviews on sustainability and 1 magazine, did you know these opinions?

At Preverisk, we promote an important aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility in the tourism industry: SUSTAINABILITY. For that reason, we have developed a Magazine with high value content for you.

This Magazine will immersee you in the world of Sustainability, where different experts from the tourism sector share their vision on this topic, where we are as an industry and where we are going and some recommendations to be more sustainable. In short, a 360° tour with which you will learn a little more.

In addition, this is a further step in our commitment as signatories of the Glasgow Declaration, where we are committed to the dissemination of information on sustainability with all our environment, employees, partners, customers and other colleagues. 

We invite you to sit back, relax and learn. We hope you enjoy it!

What can you find in this Magazine?

  • Prevetalks (interviews)

Interviews with groups such as TUI, Grupo Piñero and GSTC.

  • Articles

Get to know sustainable projects like "WAT'SAVEREUSE".

  • Ecotips

Proposals to be more sustainable in 2022.

  • And more...

Catalogues, sustainable 2022 wishes and corporate commitments.

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How can we help you with sustainability?

We help your organisation to focus its efforts through personalised strategic sustainability plans, as well as training plans adapted to your needs.

Through the -Sustainability Management System- we establish a roadmap that allows us to define short, medium and long term objectives.   

All training is available in face-to-face, remote, e-learning or a combination of modalities.

Preverisk Group is featured in the Nature Positive Travel & Tourism report prepared by Animondial

We are thrilled to announce that Preverisk Group has been featured as one of the case studies in the groundbreaking report, "Nature Positive Travel & Tourism in Action”.“Nature Positive Travel…

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